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Sakal Balmitra Chitrakala Spardha 2015

It is with great enthusiasm that Sakal Media group announces its 31st year of Sakal Baalmitra Chitrakala Spardha. Sakal has been a change leader and we have set a precedent in many transformational ventures and programmes that we have successfully undertaken in the recent past. Our vision has always included people participation through social and cultural change and without the support of our stakeholders , such a vast endeavour would not have come to fruition.

The Sakal Baalmitra Chitrakala Spardha had started with the intention of providing children with a platform for 'free and creative expression'. This idea gained such momentum that we continue to receive an overwhelming response of more than 5 lakh students every year.

We, at Sakal, have always believed that children are tomorrow’s leaders and have various publications for them such as Sakal NIE and Young Buzz with a special focus on events, to educate, entertain in order to facilitate creative thinking and innovative thought processes.

This year, the Sakal Baalmitra Chitrakala Spardha will take a new leap as we participate in the digital age by having an online platform, where children can submit their drawings thus actively opening up participation to lakhs of kids outside the purview of school participation.

Your support is extremely valuable for us in our journey to develop the uniqueness, social consciousness and spontaneous expression, all of which foster the individual growth of a child.

Art, after all, is not an effort of will, but a gift of grace. It is a testimony of our culture, its positive qualities which are indispensable in fostering an organic growth in our children.
  • It is mandatory to fill all the fields.
  • The entry for the competition is free.
  • Children are not allowed to colour their drawings with the help of any instrument.
  • Please use 15" by 11" paper for the competition.
  • Online drawing competition will have independent topics and the results.
  • Online drawing competition topics will be declared on 19th of December.
  • Drawings after completion should be uploaded on the site by 22st of December. The link will be closed down after this date.
  • The results will be declared by the end of January 2016.
  • To participate in the competition, registration for the same is mandatory. children can login only if they have their USER ID and Password which is received on registration.
  • Children participating at the center of competition cannot participate in the online competition.
Group Details
Group 'A': 1st Std. & 2nd Std. - Age: 6 to 8 years
Group 'B': 3rd Std. & 4th Std. - Age: 9 to 11 years
Group 'C': 5th Std. to 7th Std. - Age: 12 to 14 years
Group 'D': 8th Std. to 10th Std. - Age: 14 to 16 years
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